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Do I need Title Insurance?

Do I need Title Insurance?

If you are in the process of purchasing a new home, an investment property, or maybe a vacation home, you may have heard that you need or don’t need title insurance.

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Pennsylvania Clean And Green

Pennsylvania Clean And Green

In 1974, Pennsylvania enacted a law amid fears that farmers were going to be taxed off their lands and their property would be paved over. Clean and Green is most often advertised as a way to help the struggling farmer. It allows for owners to apply for a reduced property tax assessment if they have 10 acres or more and fall under three categories: (1) agricultural use (working farm); (2) forest reserve (wooded areas); and (3) agricultural reserve (open space). Properties of less than 10 acres are able to be a part of the program, provided that they can prove that at least $2,000 in annual income is through agriculture.

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