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Real Estate Law

We here at the Law Offices of Michael Cherewka are dedicated to protecting your individual interests in real estate, whether you are a buyer or a seller, residential or commercial property, and whether you are using the property or own it as an investment.

Real Estate Attorney near Wormleysburg, PA

Mike Cherewka brings a unique perspective to the real estate process, combining over 25 years of experience as a real estate attorney near Harrisbug and Wormleysburg, PA involved in real estate transactions with his 18 years as a licensed real estate broker in Pennsylvania. In addition, Mike has recently joined the faculty at the Institute of Real Estate Studies in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations through teamwork, we will work closely on your behalf with all parties involved in the buying and selling process to identify and resolve issues before you get to the settlement table, in an effort to make your real estate experience more satisfying and enjoyable.

Whether drafting or reviewing agreements, assisting in negotiations, reviewing financing or assisting at settlement, we work with you and your related professionals to reduce risk, avoid unexpected costs and ensure a smooth closing.

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