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Business Exit Strategy Planning

Business Exit Strategy Planning

Our Business Exit Strategy Planning is an owner-centered process that moves a business owner logically and progressively toward a successful business exit. Your successful exit requires a team of advisors that can take coordinated action to follow a process and maximize the chances of creating a successful exit for you.

Setting Exit Strategy Objectives

We begin by helping you identify your exit planning goals and objectives, and to establish a date by which you are comfortable transitioning from your business as well as personal financial goals. A critical part of the exit strategy process is clarifying whether the you want to transfer the business to insiders such as family members or key employees, or to a third party.

Determining Value/Price

It is important that you understand that the “value” of the business and the amount of cash you can take from it may not be the same.

Preserving, Protecting and Promoting Value

In this step, the team of advisors must work to preserve as much business value as possible from the grasp of the IRS and from creditors. We additionally work to increase the value of the business.

Selling the Business for Cash or Promissory Note

Taking this step depends on your choice of exit. If selling to a third party, we follow a very specific systematic process. If transferring the business to an insider we then take steps to minimize your risk by reducing the period during which any financing is in place.

Contingency Planning

This part of the business exit strategy process is spent planning for contingencies. Steps are taken to protect the family should you be unable to continue working.

Wealth Preservation Planning

Finally, when you have successfully transitioned from your business, we want to make sure that you achieve both short and long term personal financial goals.

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