Why Clear Estate Planning is Essential

by | Jul 18, 2012 | Articles

The team at Cherewka Law firmly believes that proper estate planning is an important way to prepare for the future while ensuring an outcome you can control.

To begin, it’s understandable that planning for death is not always associated with positive thoughts or emotions. However, avoiding putting a solid estate plan into place poses direct risks to the futures of your loved ones. Planning ahead is one way to be sure that your beneficiaries receive the benefits you want, without risking extra costs, unnecessary taxes and family arguments.

Planning ahead, regardless of the size of your estate guarantees that your property will go to who you want, when you want; and how you want them to receive it. Proper planning helps you save money, fees and allows your family to mourn and move forward without unforeseen burdens or confusion.

Although estate plans differ from one individual to the next, each plan should include two specific details: a durable power of attorney and a will. These will be covered more in-detail in future articles, however a durable power of attorney ensures that your property is properly managed during your lifetime, while a will manages and distributes your property and assets following death.

Cherewka Law understands that these decisions are thought provoking and can be difficult. However, during the planning process we take the time to carefully listen to and address your concerns and desires to assist in developing a plan for you and your family. Our process begins with the end in mind, and is adjusted based on each client’s unique situation.

An estate plan is not only an important plan for death; it is a way to provide control, security and peace of mind during life.

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